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We (kind of) got a dog!!

July 14, 2012
So, we sort of had a dog for the weekend. I mean that in the, my-friend-found-a-stray-and-was-leaving-town-so-I-assumed-responsibility sort of way. My friend Lindsey found a blue pit bull during her walk on Wednesday. She had to leave town early Thursday, so I offered to take him. He has been a total charmer from day one. I picked him up and took him to the Humane Society where we discovered that he was not microchipped or neutered. Nor does he meet the description of any missing dogs.They suspect he is about 8-9 months old and he may have been chained up outside. We then filed a found dog report and then headed to Petco. He is such a social dog and everyone who meets him loves him! We got him food, a leash/collar, and a Kong so he didn't destroy my shoes (I however am one pair of Toms down). After a bath, he was a clean and happy boy. He was with me most of the day on Thursday, and then Cody picked him up and took him to kickball. I met up with them after an oh so glamorous photo shoot I did with a friend for her work (I'll post photos later). We went to dinner at a pizza place afterward and the dog, who we named Ludacris, aka Luda, slept under the table the whole time. He has been very easy and well behaved the rest of the weekend. He was at home yesterday except for a morning hike with my roommate Austin in the morning. Today we took him for a walk, and when he got too hot, he just laid down in a puddle! He gets really worn out and sleeps a lot at the house.

We really enjoyed having him, but it made me realize how unprepared I am to have a pet. He is the ideal companion, but I just don't have the time to give him what he deserves. Luckily, we think we found a potential family for him, and if it doesn't work out, he is going to an event with a pitbull rescue called Smiling Dogs Rescue ( tomorrow to try to find a forever home. I really wish I knew his background as he is so loving and personable, but he has some scars around his face. It is really hard to figure out what he has been through, but I think I'm better not knowing. We have LOVED getting to know this pup, but we are so glad he will have a loving family, and some consistency. He really deserves it! Below are some of our photos from the weekend!

My name is Luda. Fun facts about me:

  • I snore like an old man
  • I run like a horse/rabbit/toddler
  • I enjoy snuggling in blankets
  • I do NOT like to be left alone
  • I am really sweet and love everyone I meet!

Cody and I

All my love, 
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