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Post Europe Travelfest: AKA Weddings

October 17, 2016
After getting back from Europe, Cody and I still had a fair bit of traveling to do in the form of weddings and bike races. First up was the first high school race of the season (that he attended) for Cody. The race was in Prescott, AZ, which the Martin family is pretty smitten with. Needless to say, Fitz and I decided to tag along to escape the heat and support our guy. The kids did awesome, and Cody and I enjoyed our together time, and even celebrated our first wedding anniversary that Sunday! 

Sappy PSA: I am so incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated and hard working partner in crime. He is supportive of me when I need him, and we have the best adventures together. One year down Code, and 8 million more to go!

Back to travels! The following weekend was the wedding of Cody’s friend and groomsman Jeremy and his now wife Katya in San Ramon, CA. The wedding was on Friday, so we flew in Thursday AM for the rehearsal. Friday, as Cody had responsibilities and I had none, I went and took a Barre3 class in Danville, CA with owner, Julie, and it rocked! I got my sweat on and felt energized for the wedding! From there, I got to explore the downtown a bit before heading to get a blowout (my new favorite destination wedding habit). The ceremony was in a park like area, and it was very laid back, and very sweet. We partied hard and then left to head back to Tucson the next afternoon, leaving us with Sunday to prepare for the week! 

The last two weeks we have really been working hard to get ahead before our latest trip to Ocean Springs, MS for the wedding of another friend/groomsman of Cody’s Aaron and HIS now wife, Nicki. We handled the time table very similarly, but this time had the added bonus of spending the weekend with Mike and Kelly as well. Kelly joined me in head to Barre3 Mobile and then to Gulfport for a blow out. The wedding was fun, and Cody and I danced our tails off! 

Now that we are officially done with plane travel for the next few months, we have some serious chores to tackle. Oh, adulating.

Wish us luck,
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