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1st Week of School, Errr Work!!

October 16, 2012
Last week was my first week! Soooo exciting to finally put all of this hard work into action! This week was all training and orientation, but we were able to meet our ER new grad group which was awesome! The 7 of us really get along well and we have really gelled well so far! The first week focused on how Tucson Medical Center functions and wants things done. Cool things I found out that I did not know:

  • TMC is the only non-profit hospital in Tucson (rock-on!)
  • The ER new-grad program was recently redesigned and incorporates tons of interdisciplinary education!
  • TMC new grads actually are enrolled in a residency program for a full year
Needless to say I am so grateful to be working for such an awesome organization! Emily and I have really enjoyed our first week as nurses wearing our carribean blue scrubs and walking around with our heads high not as students anymore! It is very comforting having such a great friend to go through this whole process with! I was also able to see one of my best girls Sunny this weekend and catch up with her. It was the perfect cap-off to this first week and I am really looking forward to having more time to spend with her!

So far, this week has been more orientation, but geared toward the ER which is more enjoyable because it has relevance. Friday will be our first 3-11pm day and we will actually be on the floor shadowing the core nurses!! EEEEK!

Until then,
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