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#EuMartinsPartDeux - Part O N E

October 16, 2016

Prague: We arrived in Prague Thursday afternoon and spent the afternoon getting a brief tour from Cody's uncle, Bryson. We went up to the monastery and walked along the Charles Bridge before heading back to Bryson's house for dinner with his wife Svetlana. Bryson set up some tours around the city for us the next day and we were able to walk and see even more of downtown Prague, while learning the history of the country. Cody and I had a little time in the early afternoon to do our own exploring, and try Trvdelnik, the local dessert. It was really gross, so I finished the whole thing so as not to subject Cody to the horror (insert laugh/cry emoji). His mom and sister landed in the evening, and we met up with them, Bryson, Svetlana and her daughter Olga and her son Nicholaus for beer at the local pub. The next day, we all did a long walking tour of the Prague Castle where we saw the Kafka house, some amazing churches, and ended our day at Ufleku, a popular restaurant/bar downtown. The Czech food was REALLY yummy, and not at all what I was expecting, really flavorful, and not super heavy.

Day three in Prague was a tour of Charles Castle, and lunch at Kozel brewery with a tour of the house that Bryson and Svetlana are building. The castle was big and impressive, the beer good, and the company the best. 

 That night we went downtown to a beer garden for a showing of American Sniper (oh, the irony) before Cody and I took a night train to Budapest. According to Bryson, Prague has a decent expat population in the 20-30 year old range that really enjoys outdoor movies, and the beer gardens have started showing them at night in the summer. It was really a big turnout, not surprising considering how delicious (and cheap) the beer was!

Budapest: We arrived late morning in Budapest and both Cody and I were beat from all the exploring we had done in Prague. In attempting to make a game plan, it became pretty apparent that the best thing to do was going to be a trip the mineral springs. The Széchenyi Baths were our spot of choice and we decided to semi- wing it. We showed up, rented lockers and went exploring. It's a series of different temperature pools with saunas and steam rooms which were perfect to sooth our traveled bones. We played the hot-cold-steam repeat game and moved between the indoor and outdoor pools in an attempt to see it all! It was truly a unique experience and left us feeling ready to keep exploring!

Our apartment was on this amazing street near the basilica, and it was super scenic! And so many bikes! It made it a perfect spot for exploring. That night, we ate a kabob place suggested by our Airbnb host and went to check out the Ruins bars. In a series of unfortunate events that included me being A. overtired, and B. wearing non-walking shoes, we didn't end up staying long, but the bar was really incredible and worth a second trip. They are big warehouses with multiple bars within them and decorated with all sorts of junk in just a way to make it feel like an adult amusement park! 

Hungary day two was an exploration of Buda Castle, and Castle hill on the Buda side of the river. You guys, Hungary is GORGEOUS. Everything is beautiful, and clean, and amazing. Cody and I agreed it was our trip dark horse. 

Before we left to head to Salzburg, we stopped at the market and saw the most delicious looking fruit, and amazing meats. It was like the best farmers market!

Trip blog continues in Part Deux.

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