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Holy slacker!

December 16, 2012
AHH! I have not updated in WEEKS! So so bad! Honestly, outside of working all the time, I don't have too much to update about! Cody and I each went to our separate family's for Thanksgiving and had a lot of good quality time at home. It was like planes, trains and automobiles for me to get back after a delayed flight and a re-route into Phoenix! Moral of the story is, I made it back with a slight cold and was able to work that week as normal. Since then, Cody and I have both just been working our BUTTS off! Seriously! He has been working over time and I have been doing a lot of the same stuff while trying to get ready for Christmas! Unfortunately, I'll be spending Christmas Eve and Day in Tucson, but I'll get to spend it with my lovely roommate Emily and her momma Jean! I get to go home on the evening of the 28th and come back to Tucson on the 1st. So today, Cody and I exchanged gifts so we could enjoy them a bit before he leaves to go to Dallas next weekend. Then we spent the day together playing with his new Xbox, putting up and decorating the tree he bought Emily and I, and wrapping some gifts! All in all, we had a pretty nice day! The rest is a hot mess of photos from the last few weeks!

Betsy's Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

The Finer Things
Hey sexy ladies!
Christmas shopping with Mimi!
Coney at the airport :)
Roomies at Christmas time!

Cookie party
Austin's first peppermint patty

White elephant swag!
Emergency Department Holiday party!

Cody's kickball team won the overall tournament!

My Christmas gift! Thanks babe!!

Kinect craziness!
Until I get better at updating,

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