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Parent's weekend

March 31, 2016
My parents came down to Tucson for Easter break, and it was a great opportunity for us to show them the version of the city we have grown to love over the last few years. The first few times they came down I was in school, moving around, and trying to find my own hobbies and interests in a new place. Now that we are married, settled into our careers and have a house we love, it made their visit much more rich.

My mom and dad flew into Phoenix Thursday morning, and drove down to Tucson. We went out to lunch, and then Cody got home and we ate dinner at home. Friday morning, my dad came to my class at Barre3, which turned out to be a parents class with both Amanda's mom, and both Kate's parents also present. After I was done teaching, we wandered around the mall and came back home to pack up a bit as we left to go up to Sedona for the evening when Cody got home. On the way up, we stopped at Four Peaks Brewery and had some Arizona beer and burgers, which was a hit with my dad.

Up in Sedona, we hiked at Cathedral Rock and then had brunch at Mesa Grill, which is a restaurant my dad had found when he had been in town a few weeks before. We showed my mom around downtown Sedona and then drove back to Tucson to sleep at our house for Easter.

Sunday we had a relaxing day at home. We went walking, did some stuff around the house, and enjoyed each other's company. My mom and I made Easter dinner while the boys went mountain biking in the afternoon. It was a really beautiful day, and we had a lot of fun!

The rest of the week was full of barre3 classes, walks, time with Fitz and sleep! We really enjoyed being together and I think it made us all sleep better than usual.

I really love having them down here, and I am glad they are starting to like Arizona the way we do.


Celebrating M-gags!

March 17, 2016
My beautiful friend Maggie, aka M-gags is getting married! And we couldn't be happier! A few of her girlfriends went out last Saturday night to celebrate the last of her days as a bachelorette. We had dinner at Agustin Kitchen, a yummy restaurant at the Mercado downtown. Our friend Ashley read a blessing and we were all able to enjoy each other's company. A few of the girls continued on to a bar downtown for drinks, but I headed home as Fitz had cut his paw a little before I had left. 

Congrats Maggie and Aaron! We can't wait to celebrate your wedding day!



Fitzy babe is 15 months old (yes I realize that most people stop counting dog ages in months after they turn one but we have no life), and his personality is amazing (yes I know I'm partial). He is playful without being over energetic, funny while being (mostly) obedient, and is tolerant of all of the photo ops and shenanigans I put him through. He lets me love on him, pinch his cheeks and hold him like a baby. Lately, he has been really aware of my mood, and he knows exactly when to give me the right amount of love. I've had a rough go of it this week with stress related to my diabetes, and every time I start to let it consume me, he gives me a kiss on the cheek, and climbs into my lap and just sits there. 

His current favorites:
- playing tag and scaring Cody (he loves to hide from him and then jump out to startle him!)
- avocado 
- strawberry tops
- burying himself in the pillows
- tucking into the blankets

Grateful for this cute babe!


A weekend of b's

March 10, 2016
For having to work Saturday night, Cody and squeezed a lot of activities and together time in. Friday, we took care of some appointments during the day, and then went to dinner at Proper downtown, and the Banff Mountain Film Festival with our friends. Even though I thought Cody had just tricked me into watching nature movies, I ended up really enjoying the films that were selected for the festival. The people and their stories were neat, and serve a purpose.

Saturday was Barre3 in the Park! We gathered at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park and set up on our yoga mats to work out to the sweet beats of DJ Herm. A bunch of the local Tucson staples came out to participate too, including Savaya (coffee and tea), Red Door Spa (massages), Pure Love Juice (juice..duh), and Prep & Pastry brought granola. The Barre3 Tucson staff went to brunch at Commoner & Co afterwards, and I stuffed my face with french toast and laughed with friends. It was a really awesome experience, and reaffirmed my love for Barre3 and our studio.

After brunch, Cody went to pick up his brand new BIKE! He bought a new, full suspension mountain bike from Pivot Bicycles, and I think he may be in love again. He got to go for a ride while I napped for work, and then he drove me in so I could get coffee and not be late. Marriage.. #amiright?