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A weekend at home? Say what!

July 26, 2015
For the first time in what feels like forever, both Cody and I were home. With no plans. None.

I worked Monday through Wednesday, which worked out well, as Cody was in DC for work. Wednesday before I went in, I was able to take Fitz for his first swim class at, A Loyal Companion, an indoor gym and pool for dogs. He got to wear a little life jacket and learn the ropes from Nicki. He did not love it, but we went back later in the week with Cody and our friend Amy's dog, Ratchet. Fitz did much better this time and went in the water up to his chest.

Saturday, Cody had some plans to rescue a dirt bike (ask him for that story), so I picked up an extra shift at work. It was weird/nice working during the day, but it turned out awesome as I got sent home early! To top it off, I was able to take Fitz to meet my friend's Cara and Jeremy at the pool. Fitz did so great! He got in the water on his own, and even swam a little when we helped him. He did drink pool water,  and then try to get out of the pool without the step, which caused him to dunk his head under water. After that he panicked a bit and became the guy that ruins the party when he started vomiting everywhere. He eventually calmed down and even got back in the pool when Cody showed up. We took it easy that night when we got home.

Sunday was full of barre3, errands/groceries/laundry and a deep clean of our apartment. It seriously exhausts me, and we don't even have that much to clean. We grabbed dinner at the Parish with Cody's friend Kit, and came home, where Cody and Fitz proceeded to pass out on the floor after a long day of climbing.

We leave Wednesday for a trip to Canada for our friend's wedding. Details next week!


Travel-city, no not Travelocity

As always, I'm behind. However, today I made a list!

From where we left off, I worked a few days and then drove up to Phoenix to see my college gal, Sunny! She put me through it at an Orange Theory workout. It totally kicked my butt. She is the manager and her staff is amazing, friendly and so professional! Seeing my girl in her element was the real treat though. Seriously, she is amazing. After the workout, we grabbed some yummy power bowls and chatted for hours. I stayed the night and came back in time to do a barre3 workout with one of our Master Trainer's from Portland, Allison. I don't think I've been that sore in a long time. She was in town for the weekend and I was able to take 3 great classes with her. Now I need to get my butt up to Portland for more!

That week, I also got lunch with Ashley, Janel, Dominic and baby Hailey. Cody and I got dinner with our friends Amy and Goya that evening. SO. MUCH. FOOD.

Time for some reality. That weekend (July 10-12) I had a really bad diabetes weekend. I had bad sugars, I was in a terrible mood, and I was a total nightmare. Poor Cody, poor Fitz, and poor everyone who encountered me. Luckily I have a super supportive fiance and great friends. I was able to get lunch with Hayley at Ra and she totally cheered me up. I bought a book called, "Think Like A Pancreas" which is all about insulin therapy and Type 1 Diabetes and started reading it that day. It has really helped me feel better, and it even talks about the guilt T1D's have, which I was really struggling with. I pulled it together long even to go to a housewarming at my friend Lauren's new place which made my day much better. And then Cody came home with my favorite ice cream. Good for the mood, bad for the sugars.

Sunday was a better day with a 4 mile run, farmer's market with Cody and Fitz, and lots of chores. It makes me feel better to start my week with a clean house and completed chores. I had a short week where I basically packed for my trip home, got lunch with Leslie and Brooks, and went over to lay by the pool with my work girls Laura, J'hanae, and Hypes. I pretty much got on a plane after this.

I flew home that Tuesday night for my cousin's wedding, and to get some stuff done for ours. The first day home though, my mom and I just went shopping! And the second day, we got spray tanned, and mani/pedis. SUPER PRODUCTIVE! My mom, Kim and I put together wedding invites Thursday night which was a lot of fun. We had a bunch of appointments Friday, from dress fittings, to the DJ and with a jeweler for wedding bands. My friends from Plymouth went out for a drink that night too. We also completed table numbers and some other decor stuff that day. I would be so lost without those two by my side! They are really comforting and so helpful! 

The day of the wedding, July 18, I got up early to have coffee with my Tucson friend Scott who is in Michigan for his clinicals for medical school. He is doing so well and it was a blast to catch up! Later in the day, we drove to Grand Rapids for my cousin Jake's wedding to his college love, Erica. It was great seeing my family, and it was the first time all of my cousins had been together in years. We drove back late that night, which allowed me to relax and get organized before heading back early Monday morning. I even got to have dinner with Judy, who is our family friend, and she is marrying us!

As usual, it was a great trip home, and very productive.


First week of July

July 3, 2015
Coming back from the amazing weather in Monterey to the overwhelming heat in Tucson has been unpleasant to say the least. Fortunately, my friends have been around this week to hang out with me! 

First up this week was date night to celebrate the end of the June challenge I was doing through barre3! It was a great experience and made me realize I was eating a lot of refined sugars and processed foods I didn't really miss. The challenge was to do four 60 minute workouts a week, one, 10 minute workout at home and make a barre3 recipe of the week. It was tough! And I added no coffee/soda and limited processed foods and refined sugars. So worth it! Cody and I went to Zinburger to celebrate and I made my own yummy burger!

Later, I got to meet little miss Hailey, who is my dear friend Ashley's new babe! She is the sweetest! Ashley, Janel and I used to work together and we try to get together regularly to keep up to date. It's the best! 

I was also able to get dinner with my Maggie before she goes on an epic Canadian adventure! We went to Commoner & Co, a new restaurant in town. It was really yummy and has great cocktails! 

️Fitz has been pretty cute this week too. Very snuggly. See photo below.

Last night, Hayley, Cara and I went to Proper for happy hour and then over to Hifi for an alcoholic milkshake. AMAZING. So lucky for these friendships.