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Grouchy gardening

February 29, 2016
Preface on this post: I spent 24 hours fighting against my natural inclination to be mad at everything, and I failed miserably. Luckily for me, I have a few things working in my favor, including but not limited to: a cute puppy, a tolerant husband, and a pretty sweet life.

I don't know what was up my butt this weekend, but I was grouchy up until Sunday AM. The more that I was irritated, the more plans I messed up, and the madder I got. It was a great cycle. Fortunately, Cody and I had some fun activities planned, and they were super fun, despite my poor attitude in between. 

Saturday morning, I taught at Barre3 for Chelsea, and Cody joined for the 830 am class. We ate breakfast burritos and walked around the mall for a while before heading home. After pulling me out of a grouch slump, Cody and I went to Home Depot to get some supplies to plant our first herb/vegetable garden in the planter box in our backyard. We took Fitz and spent some time buying seedlings and picking out which veggies we wanted to grow. After heading back to the house, we got to work. Neither of us had any real idea what to do, so we half researched, half went with our guts. It looks great, so hopefully, the plants grow and produce some yummy stuff we can cook up in the kitchen! 



After gardening, we cleaned up to head downtown to have dinner and see Matisyahu play at the Rialto Theater downtown. It was a really good show, and we kept laughing at the eclectic crowd and the funny dancing. We crashed when we got home and slept in with no alarm clocks (this is huge in our house)!

We decided to bike to brunch at our friend Nate's restaurant, Prep & Pastry, so we got up, got the bikes and Fitz ready, and hit the road. There is a great bike path that runs from our house down to the restaurant which makes the trip much more enjoyable. We split french toast and each got our own egg dishes. After biking back, I napped to prepare to teach at Barre3 and work at the hospital, and Cody worked on his bike before he went riding with one of the kids he coaches. 

We had dinner together before I left, which I THINK redeemed the grouchiness of the previous day. I'm going to chalk it up to just being out of sorts and going too long without together time. I'll keep you posted on the garden. 


24 HOP

February 15, 2016
24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. 24 hours of continuous mountain biking. Cody's dream, my hell. Cody participated in a 4 man team with his friends Jake, and Ryan, and as a last minute substitution for his fallen compadre, Jeffrey, one of his students, Chad filled in. You may even call this, a #BikeGang. Cody had asked me a LONG time ago to attend this race with Fitz (like before the new year), and I made sure to be available. I had a lot of training at work this week, so I picked Chad up early Saturday morning and drove up to 24 Hour Town to meet up with the team. Cody, along with Jake and his wife Heather, Ryan and some of the other Oro Valley Mountain Bike coaches had already been up for a few nights.

I was super skeptical. I'll be the first to admit I'm a bad camper. Mostly in that I am a creature of comfort. I like getting into my big cozy bed, I like being clean (my hair doesn't count), and I hate walking more than 3 feet to the bathroom. That being said, 24HOP was incredible. People were camped EVERYWHERE. I mean, literally, any space you could park a car was occupied. People were biking, walking, running all over. The energy was so high, and so fun! Everyone was pumped to be there! And I totally got sucked into all of it!

My friend Leah! Her husband was racing too!
Fitz and Leah's son Lars

Watching Cody in his element was a experience all in its own. He is such a dedicated cyclist, but he really wants everyone to enjoy themselves too. He was prepared, and helped me get ready to be there, and totally packed Fitz up too. We had a lot of fun together!

The team did amazing! There are some really tricky parts of this course, including a Rock Drop whic is a steep downhill section, and then navigating the logistics of handing off the baton in the exchange tent and running out to get to their bikes as they switch riders. They ended up completing 18 laps (each lap is 17 miles) total and came in 14/99 teams in their category and 50/515 teams total. Totally rocked it out! All four of them surprised themselves in how strong they rode and how much they achieved, and it was fun to watch! I'm looking forward to attending more races with Fitz, although I think 1 night of camping is just perfect for me!


Way to go, Code! We are SO incredibly proud of you!!

LB (Fitz too)

Love the ones you're with

Friends week! I am so lucky to have so many great friends to fill my time with in Tucson, and first up was a brunch date with my ER bud, Leslie and her little man, Brooks! We went to Prep and Pastry and spent some time catching up. She and I both moved to Banner UMC together, although she is still in the ER there. I love hearing how they do things different, and comparing notes about my new unit versus our old department.

About these AZ sunsets..

Lulu Girls night out was Friday and I was able to sneak by before heading into work. It was a total madhouse! Crazy lines and lots of fun! They had some sale stuff, but more than that, they had food, massages and eyebrow services which everyone went crazy for! Plus I got to see my barre3 babes which made for a much easier shift that night!

The next weekend, my dad came into town for a weekend in Phoenix with his friends, and came down to Tucson for the night. We went to dinner at our favorite pizza place, Reilley Craft Pizza and got to show him our new house. The next day, he and Cody came to my class, and then we went to lunch at Barrio Brewery. It was SO nice to have him, and show him our new area!

Superbowl Sunday we went over to our friend Kate and Nate's house and gorged on popcorn and cheese dip! We have been really fortunate to make friends through the activities we love, and spending time with my barre3 girls outside the studio has been a blast!

Next up, Cody's activities.