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Sunrise Ski

January 25, 2016
This weekend, Cody and I ventured up to Pinetop, AZ to do some skiing. It's the first time we've been since we had gone to Boyne Mountain in Michigan back in 2011 with our friends Jennie, Matt, Bryan, and Mitch. I was a little apprehensive, and had to get a new coat and have my parents ship all my stuff from Michigan, which arrived after we left Friday. Alas, we made it up there ok to stay at a Cody's friend Tom's family place with him and his son, Brian and Cody's other friends Kit and Jaime. We all skied on Saturday, and had a great time. It was sunny out, and not too cold, and it was good snow for sports.

Sunday, I stayed back to do some barre3 and work on my computer. I found a cute cafe called Sweetheart's in Show Low and they all skied some harder stuff. I finished off my day reading my newest barre3 book club book, Brave Enough by the girl who wrote Wild, and then we packed up and headed home. Fitz cuddled with us all night, and I spent the whole next day cleaning our house and pulling our life back in order. It was a great way to spend our weekend, especially with how crazy the east coast was!


2016: New Year, New Goals

January 13, 2016
Like the rest of the world, at the start of each new year, I set new goals. Some of which are achievable, some of which MAY be, and some that are doomed from the beginning. This year, I forced myself to not set as many goals. 2015 was amazing as it was, completed goals, failed goals, and some in between. So this year, my biggest aim is to live in the moment and enjoy new experiences as they come along. To be appreciative of my gifts and maximize my joy.

2016 has gotten off to a great start. I got certified as a barre3 instructor! I've started teaching classes a few days a week in addition to working 2 days a week on a new unit at a new hospital. I am now working at Banner University Medical Center- Tucson on a cardio-thoracic surgery unit. And I have to say, I am loving it! My work-life balance is much better, and I have more time for family. Barre3 has been such a huge part of my life for the last year and change, and I have been able to get deeper into my own health journey through becoming an instructor. It has also been amazing to be surrounded by strong women with like minded values.

Cody just got back from a week in Vegas, (I know, rough life) where he navigated his way through the Consumer Electronics Show for work. From the sound of it, he saw some really neat stuff.

Now we are just trying to enjoy being home, getting back into the post Holiday swing of things with Fitz, get some chores accomplished, and enjoy the nice weather in Tucson! First up, hang our wedding photos.

Until next time,