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Family Reunion Fun

June 28, 2015
After getting back from Kentucky, Cody and I got back to our normal routines for a few days, and then left for Monterey (albeit a day late, thanks again American) for his mom's biannual family reunion! I've never been to Monterey, but with 110 degree days in Tucson, I was more than ready for some cooler weather! 

Unfortunately, we missed some of the family fun due to work schedules, but we started off our trip with a group hike on Jack's Peak, which overlooked the city. When we returned from the hike, we headed to the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather!

I love a good beach day, and I was able to get to know his extended family much better over beers on the beach! Cody and I created the photo scavenger hunt, so we got to judge that event, fun for him, stressful for me. That night, we all had dinner together and took some family photos, and some of the younger cousins played "pickle ball" which was totally new to me. 

Friday, everyone started to head out, so after a few goodbyes, Cody and I went for an amazing run along the coast. We walked down along the shops of the wharf and he told me about golfing south of Monterey in years past. He and I have really been enjoying our vacation runs together!

After we got cleaned up for the day, Cody, Leah, Calley and I headed down to the Cannery area to go to the Aquarium, which used to be a sardine factory! We spent hours looking at sharks, sting rays, penguins, and my favorite, SEA OTTERS! They got me a prime spot to watch the trainers feed them. The aquarium is gorgeous and so well run! We had a blast! 

We walked along the bike/running path we had taken earlier, and found a restaurant called Schooners, that was inside a hotel and overlooked the water. We ate some yummy seafood and all got to chat and tell stories! 

Saturday morning we had a little extra time, so Cody rented a bike and went riding with the locals, and I got a massage! It was a nice little break before flying in and heading back to work! 

Until next time,

Land of Horses

June 19, 2015
Hello Friends!

We are deep in wedding planning/working/living life with Fitz and as usual, haven't stopped to update. This past weekend, we adventured to Lexington, KY for a job interview for Cody and used he opportunity to explore the blue grass state! We really had a BLAST together and got a good feel for the downtown Lexington area.

We explore UK's campus, as well as the countryside with its horses and cows.

Cody and I were craving some green scenery and this really satisfied our needs! We stopped along the road from the airport to see some cows and they were so startled, they all started pooping at the same time! It was so funny and a huge guilt trip. 

We had dinner downtown and found a really neat bar with hipster cocktails and cool bartenders who filled us in on the Lexington nightlife. We walked around a bit, but came back to that bar as it was our favorite. 

The next day, after a super humid (but gorgeous) run and breakfast at Doodles, we made a point to look downtown at neighborhoods and houses. We drove around for hours looking at where we would want to live if we were to move. There are some neat older houses and some really rundown areas too. 

That night, we went to a different part of town to a restaurant called the County Club, known for smoking their own meats. Cody and I split a pulled pork sandwich and caesar salad and it was AMAZING!  The atmosphere was awesome too, very updated industrial. Afterward, we walked over to a local brewery, West Sixth Brewing Company and had a drink and talked with more locals about what Lexington was like. 

All in all it was an amazing trip. Our last day was spent with Cody interviewing, and then we flew home, with a giant delay thanks to American. We really liked Lexington, and enjoyed the local scene, but it made us appreciate our lives in Tucson more than anything else. And of course we were so excited to come home to our fur baby. 

Until next time,