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Mitten Monday, er Thursday?

October 10, 2013
Well, it's a breezy 60 degrees in Tucson which is making me miss my Michigan roots. I had the best time enjoying my morning joe with some pumpkin spice creamer on the patio with my main squeeze Hayley. I swear the girl has the best insight into everything. The wisdom in that one is endless. Given my current homesickness for the Mitten, and my impending weekend visit from my college BFFAEAEAE, the one and only Sunny Butler, I thought I would take this opportunity to pull up some of my current favorite mitten themed items for everyone to enjoy.

I already own a gold mitten ring made by Kris Nations:

However, I am totally digging the state pride necklaces:
Michigan with UP
Gotta love the UP
I am all about t-shirts. I have so many from my under graduate years, I know at some point that I need to make a t-shirt quilt with all of them. These four mitten themed shirts are tickling my fancy right now. I just need to pick one to start with!
Clockwise from top left: Hell Yeah! Lions, Tigers, and Lakes Oh MI! Great Lakes, Home is where the hand is
Plus, I obviously need this:
You had me at 'shark free'
Currently I'm picking a 'Detroit Hustles Harder' shirt from a company called Aptemal. Check it out here: Not going to lie, my brother found this. 

Hope you enjoy this mitten post as much as I enjoyed researching it. A great friend of mine is currently putting together a Michigan/beer themed art project that he is so kindly letting me feature on here! Awesome Dave! 

Until post fall activities with Sunny and Dave's art is gameface ready,

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