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Whiskey 50- 30 proof edition

May 2, 2016
For the last part of our April adventures, Cody participated in the Whiskey Off Road mountain bike race in Prescott, AZ.  Cody rode the 50 proof, the 50 mile race in 2014 and got snowed on. This year, he decided to ride the 30, which I think he enjoyed a bit more.

His mom flew in from Texas for the race and we picked her up in Phoenix Friday am and continued up to Prescott for the weekend. When we arrived, we grabbed lunch at a coffee shop called Cupper's in town and then headed down to the expo at the center of the action. We did some expo shopping, and Fitz even got a new shirt!

For those of you new to cycling, KOM: King of the Mountain (i.e. you have the fastest time at some section of road/trail somewhere). That night, we watched the pros race in the criterium downtown, and then ate pizza before the race meeting.

Pro Crit
After a good night's sleep we all headed down to watch Cody and Jed take off. After a steady start, Leah and I took Fitz to do some antiquing around Prescott. We even found a new teak mid century coffee table! We got back to the start/finish to see Cody cross the line, and made our way to the beer garden. Cody and Jed refueled slowly and we headed back to the hotel just before it started to rain. We stayed in the hotel the rest of the night as it was pretty chilly up there, and we were all pretty tired.

Sunday we packed up, went downtown to watch the pros take off, and the kids race, and then headed down to Phoenix for a few hours of shopping before Leah went back to Texas.

Cody seemed to have fun, he raced strong, and we all got a lot of great together time. I love watching him in his element with biking, and he is part of a neat community with it out here. I'm excited to watch more!