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Ramirez Wedding- Mgags is off the market

April 23, 2016
Maggie got married! To Aaron! And it was beautiful and fun and everything it should be for Maggie and Aaron. The wedding took place Friday night, at the Stillwell House in Downtown Tucson. Everything was etherial, and soft, and her details came together so seamlessly. We were all joking we should hire her to plan our events with her attention to detail! Cody loved the Frost cart, of which he had 3 servings.

Fitz was pouting

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Photo of a photo, Ashley and I

Congrats Maggie and Aaron! Your day was just like you, beautiful!


barre3: ATL edition

April 19, 2016
This past weekend, I flew to Atlanta to visit my barre3 bestie, Amanda, in Atlanta. We met for the first time when we both went to instructor training in Portland together. She and I instantly bonded over our mutual love of Barre3, Ruby Rose, and coffee. She was one of the founding instructors at the newest studio in Atlanta, Barre3 Druid Hills. I was able to go and visit her this past weekend as a birthday treat, and our favorite actress/model/DJ was also in town for the celebration! Ruby Rose played at the Gold Room in Atlanta and we were able to go and see her live! AHH! Life made!

Sunday we slept in a bit and then I was able to take Amanda's 3pm class. We went to dinner at a yummy Thai place called Tuk Tuk, and afterwards, Amanda and her boyfriend Dylan introduced me to Sherlock on Netflix. I am so hooked on it now! I was able to take another class with Amanda Monday morning before I left, and Amanda and I quick ran over to another Atlanta studio, Barre3 Bulkhead for a class with Laura, one of their rockstar instructors!

It was an amazing trip, I feel rejuvenated and inspired in my Barre3 practice. I've enjoyed bringing the bright and positive energy back to Tucson! I am so grateful for the amazing friends and connections I have made through Barre3. The benefits keep on rolling. Thanks Atlanta, and thanks Amanda! Love you!


MOH duty 1: the dress

April 4, 2016
The day my parents left town, Cody and I both flew out of town as well. I flew in to Chicago to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend, Emily. We were able to go out to eat and do some amazing shopping in the city! She was able to take her mom and I to see where she is getting married, and where her reception will be. I was also able to meet her other bridesmaid, Steph, who is AMAZING! I love her already! I am so looking forward to all the wedding festivities together! This trip definitely made it all feel real!
Found her dress!

Mama Jean and Steph