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Christmas Christmas time is here!

December 11, 2013
AHH! It's Christmas season! So exciting! Last year, I was a bit of a downer as I had to work and couldn't go home for the holidays. Granted, I did spend the day with my BFF Emily and her family which was straight amazing. This year, my parents are coming down to the desert for Christmas! Yay! Until then, lets recap. I went to the UA vs. Oregon football game which was AWESOME! We won, which made the game worth the rain :) We also went home for Thanksgiving. We ran a Turkey Trot 5K, ate lots of food and shopped! I absolutely loved spending time with my family and the dogs, which was bittersweet as our beloved Bob, passed away at home on Saturday. I came home the previous Monday and have just been trying to relax and get caught up on Christmas shopping. So far so good! I have had girl time with Hayley and Cara, Spa day with Emily at La Paloma and birthday events for friends! I also went to Phoenix with Emily and her mama, Jean to pick out their brand new puppy!! He is the cutest! Hayley and I also ventured to the northwest side to our friend Cara's house for the CRAZIEST happy hour! Enjoy the slew of photos of these events!


Hayley and I had date night where we watched Pride and Prejudice and ate candy in bed <3 Love her

Jeffrey at 29 tacos for his 29th birthday! Way to go!

Game day with Ryan, Jeff, and Doug

Jeff, Doug and I after an AZ win! Bear down!

Our good friends Lindsay and Chris came to town!

One of my DEAREST friends, Lindsay! She is the best!

Turkey trot with mom and Liz!



The Princess and I 

Thanksgiving Dinner

Charlie and Henry

Uncle Brian, Aunt Jan, Aunt Lynn and Grandpa

Mimi, Dad, Mom, Uncle Chris, Jake, and Cody

Ross, Quinn, Kim and I!

Cousins: Quinn, Kara, Jake, me, Ross

Adding Henry, Charlie and Martijn

Our baby boy, Bob


Spa day with Em!

Our friend Alex's birthday!

Christmas gifts!

I would have stolen him if I could.

Em's new doodle!