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Start: Holiday Season

November 2, 2013
November 1 = intro to the holiday season! I am SO excited! I've been working a few extra shifts this week and therefore have been pretty exhausted, but I wanted to update my photos before the holiday season officially kicks off! Two big events, Hayley's birthday, and Teresa moving to PA :( I had a blast celebrating both events, although I was much happier to celebrate Hayley turning 27 then celebrate T leaving me! Other than celebrating, I cross-trained in the pediatric ER this week so I'll be able to pick up some shifts over there as well! Exciting stuff. Cody and I went to Prescott two weeks ago for his high school team's 3rd mountain bike race, where they all did awesome! Three more shifts til a few days of freedom and hopefully some more exciting adventures!

Doug, Katie, Taylor, David, Monique

Lacey and Matt; Floyd and Jackie; Hayley and Catie; Cody and Me!


Game Day!

Emily brought me presents from Paris!

Me, T, Sarah


Baby Blair :)

T and Monique

T, Doug and me