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Fall! Kind of...

September 30, 2013
Well, it's technically fall. However the only time of day you would actually realize it is very, very early in the morning. To be fair too, the only people who think this constitutes fall are people who live in Arizona, as this "morning chill", is still probably only high 60's. Tucson has been pretty nice this time of year though. You can run outside early in the AM, and still lay by the pool in the afternoon. I have not been taking advantage of this though. I've been too busy seeing concerts, seeing my friends, and visiting Michigan! 

Shortly after my last post, my good friend Lindsay came to town from Oregon, and we were able to grab dinner and catch up. That weekend, I went to the UA vs. NAU season opener with some friends from work. Leslie and I oriented together as new grads, David is a patient care technician and former UA cheerleader, and Alex is a travel nurse who has been in town the last few months. 
Lindsay, Emily, Andria, and me!

Alex, me, David, and Leslie

The following weekend, my best friend Emily and I traveled to Michigan for the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game. It was honestly the most fun I have had in a long time! She is such an amazing friend and no matter what we do together, we have a blast! I'm so blessed to have her. The day after I go back into town, my friend Sarah from work and I went to see Fun. in concert! They truly put on a great show!
Kelly, Anglea, me and Emily
Emily, Kelly, Lindsey

Besties :)

Matching sweatshirts!

Sarah, me, Teresa, and her good friend!

The time since has consisted of some get togethers with our friends Mark/Maggie, Vanessa/Keith, Manoli, and Blake, as well as some work events, and a great painting class with Maggie, Vanessa, and Leslie! I've also spent lots of time with my great friend Taylor! 

My friend/coworker Doug- it was really hot on the helipad!


Vanessa, Maggie, me, and Leslie

Taylor, Alex, Leslie, and Blair

Me and Taylor

To cap it off, this last weekend, Cody and I went to see Vampire Weekend in Phoenix! Top 5 best concerts of my life! We stayed the night up there, and got brunch in the AM. Cody's mountain bike team that he coaches was having a race up there, so I left him up there and went home for a little get together with some friends! This week is going to consist of pulling my life together and working out at the gym, at least that is the intention. Stay posted for how well that goes!

Blair, Kristin, Sarah