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Down to Rage

July 1, 2013
Fun times this last 2 weeks. I've spent so much time with my girlfriends and I am loving every minute of it! Starting with a impromptu roomie evening in which we bopped all over town. We went to the Maverick, Toby Keith and Union! We had so much spending time together, which we don't get to do very often!
Toby Keith- notice it is EMPTY!
Next up was a fun evening with Taylor, Hayley, and Tania at Union. We danced all night!
I spent sometime at various pools over town, a few times with Cara, a few times with my work friend Doug, and a few times with various combos including my friends Teresa, Sarah, and Hayley! So much pool time!
To summarize the rest of the week, I went to happy hour with my friend Maggie, lots of dates with Sarah and Hayley including yoga and lunch, and a lot of bar nights with combos of my various ladies! The rest of the photos show the adventure!

Tania, Hayley, and Maggie!

Tania, Taylor, and Hayley!

Christina, Kari, and Hayley!

Sarah and the ER bestie- Leslie!

 Until I can be more descriptive of my stories,