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Mother's Day from afar

May 12, 2013
Day two of my first two day stretch off in a while feels great, mostly because I spent it doing some of my favorite things. This included going to the farmer's market, laying on the couch, and watching Harry Potter. At this moment, I'm still trying to convince Cody we should watch another one. I just wish i could have spent it with my Mom, doing her favorite things! I get to see her in about two weeks though! Day one off consisted of sleep, dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Wildflower, and going to see the Great Gatsby, which we loved. Pretty much this weekend rocked. The week, meh ;) Lots of working and craziness! I did go shopping for my VEGAS trip which I leave for this Thursday to celebrate my friend Cara's bachelorette party! I need a little get away! 

Last weekend we went to an Egyptian themed party at our friend Keith and Vanessa's to celebrate their new kitten Isis! Needless to say it was a blast and I think the photos speak for themselves.

Until I'm back from NV,