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Dealing in Variables

November 13, 2012
Work this week was an experiment in variables. My schedule was all over the place and was early hours instead of later ones. It was definitely a challenge to adjust this week, but I feel like I learned a lot about different areas of the hospital. I was able to shadow in the cath lab, and with the wound care nurse. I also got certified to assess patients for possible stroke through the National Institute of Health. It was really nice to be able to be on a relatively normal schedule, and I was able to spend more time with Cody and getting things done! Thursday night I went to his kickball game, and I had the amazing opportunity to shake the hand of Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly! Truly amazing!

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner for our friends Jeffrey and Jillian's wedding and we celebrated at our favorite Tucson restaurant Vero Amore! The food was awesome and we had so much fun eating and meeting with new friends! Saturday was the wedding and we had a blast! Cody looked super handsome as a  groomsman and so did the bride and groom! There were a lot of non-traditional elements that really made for a neat experience. The groomsman rode into the ceremony on bikes! 
Wedding date

Sunday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week! We went to breakfast at Shlomo and Vito's and then went to see Skyfall, which was awesome! In typical Sunday night style, I made a bunch of food in preparation for the week, and made broccoli and cheese stuffed tilapia for dinner! It was great! All in all, a really good week!

More soon!


Excitement Galore

November 6, 2012
Hello All!

Last week was AWESOME! I got loads of experiences in the Emergency Department, using my nursing brain and working on my skills! I'm starting to feel more like a nurse and less like a nuisance, although I still feel like I am in the way at times. Cody came back from his backpacking trip in Ohio and we were able to spend a lot of time together catching up and telling stories. Friday, we went to brunch and to see Wreck it Ralph! It was soooo cute :) He had a lot of fun and has some great photos of his trip.
Cody and his antipasto brunch!

This past weekend was very exciting! My great friend, Meghan, had her second little girl on Saturday! Her name is Lucy Reyn and like her name, she is absolute perfection! Meghan looks awesome and doesn't even look like she gave birth (brat ;) ).


We also were able to use a Groupon I had to a yummy restaurant in downtown Tucson, aptly named, Downtown Kitchen with our couple friends, Brad and Christina. While downtown, we quick stopped by to see the All Souls Procession which is a tradition in Tucson. I had tried to get Cody and I to go, but we just weren't able to swing it earlier, but after a glimpse, we are SO excited to participate next year. Here is a link to info about the procession: We had a great time with our friends are were feeling very fortunate and thankful to have some couple friends that make time for us!
Brad and Christina
Cody and me

Monday at work was EKG class, which was a bit dull, but very informative. It was made much more pleasant when I got a text from my cousin Jeff, that he had proposed to his girlfriend Anna, and she said yes! We are all very excited for them to become husband and wife and Jeff couldn't be happier!

The final portion of this update is that I voted. Yay for me!

This weekend is the wedding of our friends Jeffrey and Jillian and we are very excited to celebrate!!

Until then,