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Honeymoon, take me back

October 21, 2015
Ugh. Coming back to work and responsibility after a full week of undivided relaxation, exploring, and time with your husband (eek!) is not the most fun. But reminiscing and looking through photos is! 

Our first few days in Panama, we laid around beach side on Isla Bastimentos, an island off the coast of Bocas deal Toro. We did some swimming, snorkeling, saw the local village, and ended with Cody taking surf lessons! He's actually pretty good! 

We finally peeled ourselves away (literally, it was super humid) to head up to the mountains of Boquete. We explored the jungles, and learned about the history of Panama from our tour guide Hans! 

After getting our rain fix, we hopped on a plane to Panama City to finish out our trip exploring the old city. We stayed at the American Trade Hotel in Casco Viejo, and it was an amazing experience! The hotel is an old historic building that has been restored and turned into a hotel. There is a neat library on one floor, and a jazz club with amazing local artists! We spent some time seeing the canal and saw a cruise ship pass through the locks, but my favorite was seeing the old buildings that had been renovated! 

We stopped back in Michigan to pick up Fitz, and are back to our routines, much to our chagrin. 

Until next time,

Married life!

October 20, 2015
Settling in to married life has been the best transition yet. We are figuring out or day to day flow, but we are finally getting to spend quality time together that we had been missing in the weeks leading up to the wedding. During wedding week, I headed home a few days early with Fitz, and Cody joined by Wednesday for the festivities!

We are so incredibly lucky to have such amazing family and friends! Thank you for making our weekend so special! 


San Diego.. Wedding Remix

Well, we are currently on our way back from a quick trip to San Diego for our friend's Brad and Christina's wedding, and I didn't charge my iPad or bring a book. Hence, a short post about our trip. 

We left Friday morning to head out and luckily had no delays! We arrived in Carlsbad, near the wedding location in the afternoon and checked into our awesome hotel! The Ocean Palms Beach Resort is so fancy! And they have mini kitchens in their rooms! Cody is planning our return trip to utilize this to its fullest potential. After a quick, healthy lunch, we quickly got ready for the shuttle to the wedding. Cody's friend even bought our bus beer for the 30 minute drive. Coors Light for everybody!

The wedding venue was gorgeous! Loads of vintage furniture, lace, and photos of Brad and Christina! 

Cody and I left relatively early as I had been up for over 24 hours at that point. We slept in a bit, and then Cody dragged my sorry butt out of bed to go for a tough beach run. Sand is quite the calf killer, although I can't say I was super surprised. We went about 7.5 km, but only ran about 3/4 of it as the tide can in, and our feet hurt. We are blaming the tide though. 

We cleaned ourselves up a bit and went back down to the beach for volleyball and sun time! But not until after breakfast burritos at Cessy's. 

A quick stop by the outlets on the way to the airport, and we are headed home. Short, but lots of sweet time together.